New market dynamics, as well as the segmentation of the audience, have remodeled the logics of transmitting advertising messages. At Wake Up we develop media plans always more specific, aimed at maximizing the capacity of our client’s investment with a correct media mix, which takes into account the set goals, the context and the target to hit. We calculate the period and frequency of the message, intercept opportunities of visibility, select offers and, if necessary, elaborate new ones following each step from buying to negotiation, until the verification of the ongoing campaign.


Everything is measurable on the web. The level of penetration of a campaign as well as the approval of a single post. This allows the real time monitoring of every activity’s performance, producing useful data for the market analysis, means’ effectiveness, covering of the message. Thanks to a dedicated staff and the use of apps and software with proprietary technology, we manage to precisely measure the performance and efficacy of every activity.


Social media launched a new figure, that of the web influencer: web celebrities capable of influencing followers’ purchases and mood with their actions. Thanks to our know-how and to our system of public relations created through the years, we complete the media plan selecting and managing the most effective influencers for our clients. We measure the efficacy of their activity, collect and classify the ongoing campaigns thanks to Wake Post, un app developed with proprietary technology created to share the social activities with all the brand’s partners. A technological tool BtoB, fast and innovative.


There is little to discuss: contents make the difference. They create engagement and push users to follow the brand. To be effective they must be authentic, relevant to the brand style promoting them and coordinated with the strategic goals. Together with the creation of creative and institutional contents, we elaborate contents management and monitoring solutions through posting editorial plans that define timing, means and range of each element.


It is everything that revolves around the concept of identity of a brand, a product or a service, in other words the way they want to be introduced to the market and perceived by the audience.
A complex activity that requires study and great experience. From the analysis of the reference scenario to the definition of the target, then landing on the definition of naming, brand identity and brand image.


Every social media has its language. Every social media has its audience, its contents. Thanks to the knowledge and the analysis of all these components, we are able to elaborate strategic plans for the major social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, Youtube e Twitter), allowing companies to control the social universe with exclusive material. From posting to customer care, from promotion to a targeted use of influencers, passing through storytelling and viral solutions, everything is coordinated with the client’s necessities.


It is only thanks to the synergy between different communication tools that one can reach its audience, catch their attention and generate a deeper and long lasting engagement to the message. At Wake Up we plan and produce integrated communication campaigns, in which activities and media are coordinated and the content organized to effectively live on every medium. From the web to the traditional media, a single message but with different formats and languages. The same story told in a different way.


We are an agency that can count on a high level of creativity, a component that we express in the form of design projects, video or multimedia outputs. Research, intuition, inspiration, as well as trend analysis and experimentation, these are the elements at the base of the creative process. A dedicated team produces modern and engaging concepts, elaborates design solutions such as catalogues, visual supports, packaging, logotypes and set-ups with a great visual impact and communicative performance.


Nothing can work if not integrated in a strategic plan, in which every element is dosed and connected according to the company goal to achieve. We intercept trends that we translate in opportunities for our client, we evaluate the level of criticality and priority, defining the steps in a specific action plan. We elaborate strategic solutions for the traditional communication world, digital, corporate, brand, social media and personal branding.


Market scenarios have changed by now, and the most important games are played on the web. Through activities of on-line marketing, we study solutions aimed at allocating the brand in the right web position. Research and analysis, definition of the graphic look, organization of contents, indexing and promotion on the search engines, as well as on social networks and through newsletter campaigns. Everything perfectly measurable.


We produce worldwide photo shoots, thanks to a network of professionals and selected partner structures. A qualified and well-structured network, able to offer an international scope. Everything originates from the creative project, elaborated ad hoc by our team of art directors to achieve the customer’s goals. We supervise the entire process to guarantee the best of results, that could combine relevance and functionality with aesthetic and memorability.


Business communication represents the way a company relates to the outside world, a component capable of conditioning the success and the growth of the company itself. At Wake Up we elaborate strategies of corporate communication for the management of companies’ communication flows, outbound as well as inbound. Video company profile, handbooks, fliers, all the solutions that allow a brand to talk about itself and the values that support its services and products.


Every day, millions of contents crowd companies’ and brands’ social profiles. We daily ideate and create contents for our clients. Real photographic productions, video shooting, illustrations and animations. We do this following the logics of the web, according to specific editorial plans with the purpose of describing the brand and its products, to establish an authentic and permanent relationship with the customers.


You do not exist if you are not online. Because being online means being able to be everywhere, to communicate with anyone, at any time. We create e-commerce platforms with proprietary technologies, designed and made to be used on different devices and to generate in few clicks shopping experiences, safe and intuitive. Usability and design, for contents structured in a way that maximizes selling performances.

Web Design

Designing a web site is not just about taste. It is a science. With our team of programmers, developers and designers we are able to plan a web site and curate the entire production of a web project. From the front-end interface, usable and effective, to the most complex back-end structure, everything elaborated following the latest chrisms of UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience).


The future is in video, because today it represents the most engaging tool to transmit a message, an offer or a service. Web and TV spots, dedicated miniseries, but also short clips aimed at crowding social media, at Wake Up we have a strong inclination to this tool. The creative staff together with the production department studies and creates videos with the latest technologies, from the idea to the storyboard, from the direction to the post-production.